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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

UC Davis Fascist Cop's Nonchalant Pepper-Spray: A Boon to Agit-Prop Artists

Here's a photo - you've already seen it - I copped from Time:

Here's one of my favorite uses of the image so far, Normal Rockwell-style, just in time for Turkey Day and the entire family!:
The above was done by the artist Bob Staake, who has done covers for the New Yorker. I found this at Boing Boing.

This image of the vile cop has truly gone viral, and there's no end to playful images of this embarrassment to UC Davis's administration and police authority throughout Unistat.

Here's one for Philip K. Dick fans. You know his mind-expanding paranoid and wonderfully weird novel Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said? Here's one version of the paperback art. You may even own this version:

Okay, here's a very recent update, only the title has been changed to Flow Your Tears, the Policeman Said:
Hat-tip: Ted Hand's intelligent blog Philip K. Dick and Religion.

It seems there is no end to this stuff, for example look HERE.

HERE are a few more. I like this first one (click to make larger):


Sue Howard said...

Hitler meme reacts to pepper-spray-cop meme:


michael said...

That's the best version of that bit I've seen yet.

Thanks for the link!