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Thursday, June 2, 2011

This Blog May Have to Visit the Tiny Island of Hiatus

As some of you may know, Blogger went for a routine fix-it around May 10th and ended up being Out of Order for at least 31 hours, and still many people's blogs or comments were never recovered.

Today, it appears all kinds of problems have arisen for people who blog on Blogger. I don't know if any of you reading this see an inappropriate Google logo with a cartoon robot at the beginning or end of my posts? I do, and the Tech guys at Blogger have no idea how to fix it.

Worse: reading about blogger's other technical problems very recently - suddenly Google's algorithm machine saw their blog as spam and deleted it (many complaints), or people are unable to access their own blog, for no reason. Or their URL now is in someone else's hands? Or: they made a post today and all their previous posts disappeared. On and on.

If you're reading this, then that last atrocity didn't happen to me, but I will tread water for awhile and hope those of you who found my Weirdo Musings worthwhile will hang with it until the Blogger folk fix what seems to be a massive problem. And who knows? Maybe it's a colossal hacker-attack?

We shall soon see. I hope sooner than later.

Apologies! - Michael


katney said...

Ah, Michael. You have been reading too too much into the help forums. When you see one person with a problem there--then it is one person. There are probably ten or twenty others scratching their heads and saying what's that all about. But thousands and thousands of others are totally oblivious.

If you see two, or ten, or even fifty with the same thing happening, then of course it is concerning. But there are thousands and thousands that are going on blogging oblivious to the problem.

If you see half a dozen blogs being picked up by mistake in an automatic spam review, know that half a thousand actual spammers have been picked up, too. With a review, the mistaken ones will be fairly quickly restored. We won't have to contend with the spammers because they will be gone.

I don't see your robot, but I haven't given up. We will figure it out with some more troubleshooting.

I wonder if anyone sees your robot besides you. I wonder what you have in common with the one other blogger who has reported this problematical robot. We will figure it out. But don't give up on blogging.

Loba said...

Let's try this again.... I've tried to post 3 comments over the past week or two, but none have worked. Now I'm having trouble with my blog ...

michael said...

It looks like it got through! If you don't see this, then you aren't reading it, so please disregard, and increase suspicion that It is spreading.

Spreading quicker than a...

...oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico?

michael said...

Loba dearie-

I removed my Google Adsense ads and all is well here.

It SEEMS to be an Adsense botch.

Eric Wagner said...

Thank you for your years of reading and writing. I always enjoy your work.