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Sunday, September 22, 2013

FLOTUS Flouts Humility Yet Again; Practically Waterboards Entire Nation!

First, fellow Americans, choke this 54-second clip from the Liberal Media down, if you can take it:

Michelle Obama must be stopped, ladies and germs. She's out of control and obviously in the pocket of Big Water. Her latest extremist liberal agenda? To force more water down our throats! Where is the outrage?

Oh, here's some:

I knew Rush Limbaugh would be there for me, and he is. And thanks for digging deeper, Rush: she's not only in the pocket of Big Water, but Big Soda too. And liberal (which means socialist which means communist which means Nazi-Stalinist-Bin Laden Lovers which means Traitors) bloggers think they're funny with lines like, "If Mrs. Obama asked the nation to smoke more cigars and go for nightly Oxycontin and mayonnaise smoothies, Rush would suddenly be against that." Yea, real funny: Har...Har...Hardy-Har-Har! (golf-clap).

                                Meet the new Public Enemy!

Alyson Goodman of the CDC thinks her study of the supposed hydration deficit among the citizenry indicates we are probably choosing less healthy "beverages" than water. Oh? So water is now a beverage is it? How Orwellian! I don't know about you, friend, but when I'm settling in with something called a "beverage" I better be gettin' good and hammered. I'm sorry, Michelle, but I'll quote another First Lady and Just Say No to you and your Big Government water-pushers.

Why do they hate America? Why do they want to control what we drink? Why do they hate freedom so much? Isn't it enough that the thing they are now telling us can improve our health (water) is the very same thing that has MURDERED so many people in Boulder, Colorado recently? Does the First Lady have no sense of decency?

I'm afraid, fellow Americans, that Rush has only hit the tip of the ocean-liner-killing iceberg: water is far more dangerous than my fellow Americans know. I used italics in that last sentence to highlight how grave I see the situation. What I aim to do is provide a little relief with some FACTS.

Friends: you start off small. Maybe on a hot day you have nothing better to do but grab a bottle of water at the Try 'N Save and the next thing you know you're hooked: soon your body will eerily seem like it's made of water. And you can't get enough. It's insidious! The next thing you know you're living on a shack in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which is largely made of...used plastic water bottles! The kind Michelle Obama got you started on! You're condemned to live in a desolate, floating, watery grave. Is this what you want, Mrs. Obama? Dear Reader: THINK!

Oh, it gets worse, yes in-deedy.

You say, "But Overweening Generalist-dude, you're overreacting..."

Oh, I'm "OVERREACTING," am I???

"Yes: I'll just drink a little bit more water from my tap," you say.

I thought you'd say that. Tsk tsk tsk! You poor, unwitting sap. Lemme pour you a tall cool glass of FACTS, straight-up: your tap water is laced with Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil...all those "antidepressants." Stuff like Dammitol and Repressitol. It's...depressing, frankly. Hell, maybe you should drink the water. But you need to take the bull by the tail and look the facts in the face: SSRIs are in your tap water, friends

Maybe it's a set-up. I wouldn't put it past her. Get the public so loopy on funny-pills that don't even notice their water lacks a certain...taste. Then they take your farm because now you're living on/in the Pacific Garbage Patch, wandering around like a zombie, all wasted on Dammitols. (Good luck with the farm in the American Southwest, suckers!: No water!)

Call me Mr. Fancy Pants, but I don't care: water tastes boring to me. If you wanna indulge a little, hey, it's a free country (for how long under the Obamas I don't know). If you wanna live all sedated on a patch of floating garbage the size of Texas, it's your funeral. Water for me lacks...I dunno...bourbon? Anyway...

But wait: it gets even worse. (Worser? Worsier? Worsy? Worsiestlier?) It's bad.

                       This image seems to say, "I'm Michelle Obama
                      and my husband and I are bent on world 
                      domination, please vote for us!" What do you
                      make of it? Or are you too AFRAID to say?

If you live in some parts of our great-great Nation, you can turn on the tap and drink a brain-eating amoeba! Yep: some All-American boy in Louisiana was playing with the Slip 'N Slide and one drop of water from the hose went up his nose, which was all the amoebas needed and now the child's brain is colonized by a microbe that literally eats away the precious grey goo and kills. That's the bad news. I call that a Slip 'N Slide of Death, friends. Let's not sugarcoat it.

The good news is this: they blame the rise of brain eating amoebas in US waterways on global warming, which we know is a Liberal Plot, so therefore nothing to fear. They can't scare us. Also: did you read that article? The sources are NBC, the CDC, NPR, National Geographic and "scientists." All of them I'm Smarter Than You and I Drive a Volvo and Eat Brie Liberals. Therefore the news is false. And Katrina was just a fluke anyway. (By the way, watch where you step in Louisiana, as you can pick up a nasty fluke...)

You ain't heard the end of the implications of Mrs. Obama's attempt to get more water into us. Did you know you can drink too much water and DIE? It's true. You can call me a "cup half-empty" kinda guy, but friends: I say we take no chances here. Call me rather a Cup Bone Dry guy. 

The evidence against the seemingly harmless chemical compound of two hydrogens atoms bonded to one oxygen seems like a little thing. And indeed it is. Until you add it up. Pretty soon: you're staring at a big glass of water. Murderous, Obama-endorsed water. And just look: that sweaty glass of water seems to be staring right back at you, just laughing. (Sure, that's probably only my reflection, but I think my point holds.) And you say you're gonna drink that? What have you been smoking?

Now I lay the hammer down and cinch my case against Mrs. Obama and her attempt to water-log the citizens of the United States of America: Not long ago a man who studies such things - and yes, he's a scientist, but sometimes they actually know something worth knowing - Stanley Falkow of Stanford, who studies bacteria, said that the "world is covered in a fine patina of feces." Talk about the Straight Poop!

And why is the world covered in micropoo? Because people don't wash their hands! They think they do, but they don't. And it stands to reason that the closer you get to the bathroom, the more concentrated the patina. And where are you going to be spending more time if you listen to the FLOTUS? Think about it: you drink all those cups of water They want you to drink and suddenly, you're getting far more shit - literally- on you than ever before. Because you're gonna hafta pee, let's face it.

You can call me alarmist, but I think I know a thing or two when it comes to poo, and you followers of Mrs. Obama don't know shit: patinas of feces carry patinas of microbes, brain-eating types and every damned thing else you can think of. 

Sadly, fine citizens, I'm forced to believe that this latest plot by the Obamas is all about making us sick, infecting our very bodily essences with feces and microbes - call it a Bataan Death March Into Obamacare - while causing some of us to literally drink ourselves to death, all while Nature has seen fit to hit us with a drought. If we live, we're destined to wander like zombies, zonked out on Zoloft from the tap water, along the rim of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. And the Cubs will still have never won the Series.

My recommendation: strong beer or red wine or bourbon, straight. Wear gloves. Everywhere. Even to bed. Don't shower anymore than is necessary. Less, even. Sure, you'll smell like...a patina of feces. But the Good News is: only the Good Americans will smell too. Ye shall know them by their smell, which be like unto feces. Get used to adult diapers, even if you're a teenager. It's a small price to pay to maintain our freedom.

Anything else and the Liberal Agenda wins again. You can thank me in your prayers. Not this time, Mrs. Obama! Sorry!

I remind us that there were some who knew this all along! Clemenceau! Communist subversion!


Anonymous said...

I thought the DEA had finally begun to
do something about the pernicious
Di-Hydrogen Monoxide, after all the
dreaded brain chemistry components
of neurotransmission are under our
strictest legal control now.

DHM is the most addictive substance
in nature, one taste and you're in
addictive bondage for life. It can
sell itself, it needs no pushers
who are really in the plastic
bottle business.

Check out LIBE (Euro Parliment).

The fecal coverage explains a lot
about the world today.

michael said...

Oh wow: in my haste in writing that piece I forgot to riff on "dihydrogen monoxide," which must sound completely EVIL to the sort of mind behind the article. Yes, if taxes are bad enough, now we have to worry about the uppity black woman pushing DHM on our innocent schoolchilluns!

When I woke up today a little voice in my head reminded me I'd forgotten to somehow shoehorn in WC Fields's line about water: "Fish fuck in it."

The Stanford bacteriologist thinks the patina of feces probably doesn't hurt us much, and may even help us in regulating the extremely complex system of gut bacteria in us, which in turn regulates the immune system. (But the guy who wrote the piece about the FLOTUS can't be bothered with details.)

Igor M said...

Reminded me of a popular Russian song from a Soviet film. It doesn't sound quite right in English, but someone thought it was worthy of translation anyway:


People Aren't Ruined by Beer (translated from the song in the Soviet movie "It Cannot Be!")
(перевод песни "Губит людей не пиво..." из фильма "Не может быть!")

I learned quite early in life where it is ruin appears:
People drown always in water; nobody drowns in beer.
Everywhere lakes and rivers destroy so much every year:
People are ruined by water. People aren't ruined by beer.

Only once in this lifetime—I'll tell your friendly ear—
Has a friend of mine in this business ever mixed water with beer.
And cocking an awkward smile he yelled to his jury of peers:
"People are ruined by water! People aren't ruined by beer!"

If you might have some heartache, if life brings you nothing but tears
You won't go to the sauna; surely, I'll see you here.
Here, you'll exhale in relief, and with pint in hand you'll cheer:
"People are ruined by water! People aren't ruined by beer!"


Eric Wagner said...

Interesting piece. The image of the world in a drop of water made me think of Horton Hears a Who and William Blake.

My wife kindly bought me the new Pynchon, and I've read about 66 pages, laughing out loud many times.

michael said...


Thanks for the trans of the Russian song!

IF I am "ruined" by a "beverage" let it be beer, not boring dihydrogen monoxide. So far beer has stood me in good stead; it's been a stand-up drink for me.

I will not slight water though. I can see its upside. I've had my moments with water.

And like Joyce, I can see its female fluidity as enigmatic and life-giving enough...

michael said...


I nabbed a pristine, uncracked edition from the library and am on p.41. Many laffs so far. Kugelblitz ("ball lightning"?) reminds me a little of de Selby.

Were the video games that "violent" in Spring, 2001? I have no sense of time about those things. No doubt Pynch did enough research to justify the vid game of shooting Yuppies on the street of Giuliani's Manhattan. But it is funny. Even Mom gets in on the action!

So far I'm digging it, bigtime.

Eric Wagner said...

I remember people complaining about the violence in Quake in 1999 at the time of the Columbine shootings. I remember E. J. Gold liked that game.

michael said...

Right! Columbine! Violent video games and Marilyn Manson infiltrated Klebold and Harris: the result: a massacre.

I know a couple of young teenage guys in Berkeley. They play those games and love 'em. And they're sweet, nonviolent kids, too.

I do worry about the kids growing up who play these games for hours on end and who are without loving, sober-minded and present parents around, in neighborhoods where actual violence goes on. And the school bullying that I read so much about.