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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wall St. Occupation: A Video Meditation

To steal from Jon Stewart, here it is, your moment of zen. (Well, 4 minutes of zen.)

From the good folks at Disinformation, probably via Luke Rudkowski/We Are Change?: a clip of the zeitgeist.

Make sure you stay long enough for the cops.

Here's the viddy:


Rev. TaiPing Monkey said...

Here's my one word: "Enough"

The usual suspects--nose rings, black t-shirts, goatees, dreadlocks--speak out because they have nothing to lose, trust funds or not.

The police, even if they agree with the protests (and who out there who is still awake can disagree, really?), remain silent to protect their jobs in an age of rampant joblessness. And who can blame them? I'm not out there protesting, after all. Gotta keep both my jobs.

The crooks on Wall Street laugh as we fight over the table scraps that fall from the table that the rest of us built and the food the rest of us prepared.

Stay strong, be kind, hang together--the fight for our future has only just begun.

michael said...

I kept trying to think how I'd respond if I were there and
Rudkowski came up to me. I was as speechless as anyone. I've thought about it. "Revolution" seemed right but too pat. In the shower today I thought of "sanity."

But maybe seems too loaded?

I liked your answers, Rev. Thanks.